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About Stargumim

We translate your quality to all languages

Stargumin is a boutique translation company founded on 2006.
Our professional way started by providing translation services to the pharmaceutical and clinical trials industries, thus we gained experience and specialized in qualitative and precise translation, which requires reliability and an extensive professional expertise.

With time, our clientele has expanded and today, additional sectors are included in it, among which are the medical business – pharmaceutical companies and clinical research organizations; the chemical industry – chemicals production companies and cosmetics companies; and the food industry – food and nutritional supplements production companies.

We have acquired our reputation due to our high standards, our experienced translators and our direct and unmediated relationships with our clients, who accompany us all the way.
We do not translate words. We translate a meaning,
We stay true to the original and to our service values,
And most important, we do not compromise on the quality of the translation, precisely as you do not compromise on the quality of product.

What do we offer?

  • International, experienced and high quality team of translators, specializing in a variety of fields
  • Translation to and from any language
  • Regular and profound quality control processes, which include validation and/or back translation
  • Short and flexible timelines
  • Fair and competitive prices

We acknowledge the importance of translation, and know that the translation is actually you, in a different language.
Therefore, we will not only read the text but also learn and understand it.
Only this way will we be able to provide you with a translation on a different level - our translation.

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