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Customer Recommendations
This page contains a partial list of customers that have worked with our company throughout the years and their experience with us. We will be happy to add you to this list soon.

PPD Global

 " I recommend Stargumim LTD… I have used their services many times as part of my job and was very satisfied with the results: translation of high quality, precision and fair prices in comparison to other translation services suppliers".

Victoria Bar-El, PCRA, PPD


 "Our joint work requires professional, thorough translations that are faithful to the source language, timeliness and attention to small details, while observing security and secrecy regulations. I wish to cite Stargumim’s timekeeping, attention and sensitivity to minor details, observance of work procedures, professional, careful translation and warm, pleasant cooperation.”

Inbal Cainar, Regulatory Department Manager, Quintiles Israel


“Stargumim is a professional, reliable translation company. The work was carried out according to schedule while providing courteous service.”

Liraz Amsili, hygiene engineer, Intel Israel


“We warmly recommend working with Sharon Shmueli, the CEO of Stargumim. I was very impressed by her professionalism and the manner in which she manages Stargumim. I have known Sharon for 13 years and she always accomplishes tasks with great success, on schedule and with a smile…”

Ossie Carmi-Nir, CEO, TLRTECH


" I wish to use this opportunity to thank you for the excellent work that you office has been doing for us. Despite the tight deadlines during the holiday season, you were able to fulfill all of your undertakings and forward the documents to us in time and at a praiseworthy quality.”

Tali Lahav, Harrison Clinical Research Company


“I wish to thank you for the professional and excellent service that we have been receiving. In our field, precision and professionalism of the translation are fundamentally important elements, because it is a matter of human life. I am happy to state that the team at Stargumim does its job to the highest standards. Every request from us, however special, is always received with a smile and is carried out quickly and within our strict schedule.I wish to praise in particular the level of service, knowledge, reliability and great patience. The cooperation between us will continue for many years more.” 
Port, office manager, CATO

PPD Global

“I have been working for more than three years with Stargumim; the company provides a professional, rapid answer… currently this is the most attractive company in the market that we work with. It is very convenient to communication; the staff is very pleasant and always willing to help at any time of day.”

Wally Zeidman, Clinical Submission Specialist, PPD Israel

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