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Specialization in the Pharmaceutical industry

The considerable experience we have gained in the medications and clinical trials industries enable us to offer a perfect solution to the unique demands of the field. Many of our translators are also professionals in the medical field (physicians, registered nurses, etc.) or in the life sciences field.

Translation and Back Translation of patients' documents

- Informed Consent Forms and Patients' Information Sheet

- Patient's Card

- Patient's Diary

Translation of various documents

- Protocol synopsis

- Phase I-IV clinical trials' reports, including translation and proofreading of clinical trials'  documents of all phases 

- Ministry of Health forms

- Drug labels

Translation for the Chemistry Industry

Translation for the Food Industry

Additional fields:

Legal Translation

- Contracts and Agreements

Academic Translation

- Academic Articles

- Academic Papers

Business Translation

- Translation and Localization of Websites

- Presentations

- Business Correspondence

- Manuals

- Personnel and Payroll Surveys

- Dangerous Materials Labels

Marketing Translation

- Articles and advertising leaflets

- Advertisement Materials

Private Translation

- Resumes

- Books and Letters

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