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Precisely what you need

We know that in a high quality translation, precision is the key word.
It does not matter in which field and to which languages, our translators are meticulous about preciseness of meaning, choose words very carefully, and of course, provide the perfect translation, precisely on time.
Control processes
We attribute high importance to the control processes of translation.
At the end of the process, your translation will undergo an examination and validation process (performed by a second translator), who is also a specialist in the field. That way, we can guarantee that the result you receive is perfect and faithful to the original.
Professional translation
In Stargumim we know that a professional language is a language in itself.
We acknowledge the complexity and the sensitivity required in the translation of professional materials. Therefore, we have assembled a varied team of translators, coming from different worlds of content. Each translator has his own field of expertise, and they make sure to keep updated with the terminology and innovations, both of the language and of the field of content.
Personal relation
We believe that the quality of our relationship has a direct impact on the quality of the product.
It is important to us to get to know you, in order to understand your needs, the way you see things and what you expect to obtain. Coordination of expectations, transparency and teamwork allow us to provide you with short and flexible timetables, affect the quality of work and as a result – your satisfaction.
We are very experienced. This experience allows us to take on any project of any size, offer fair and competitive prices, provide the translation within short and flexible timelines, and of course, maintain complete confidentiality of all your documents, along the way.
So if this is precisely what you are looking for, you have come precisely to the right place.

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