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Stargumim is a boutique company providing comprehensive  solutions for the translation and localization requirements in all languages, for companies in the clinical studies, the medical, chemical and foods industries fields.
We specialize in translation for CROs, medical centers, pharmaceutical companies and medical devices companies.
Our team of translators has been carefully selected and includes experienced translators and editors involved in medicine and science, living the world of content and make sure to keep up with developments, innovations, nuances and the cultural world comprising the professional language.

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Thanks to the extensive experience we have accumulated in the pharmaceutical and clinical trials industry, we provide a perfect solution for the unique requirements of the field, and provide you with high quality translation, accurate and fast, true to the original, in variety of languages. We are committed to you, respect your busy schedule and your time constraints and undertake to provide a rapid, accurate and professional response, at a high quality and fair price.

We too, like you, do not compromise on quality, and therefore, we are confident that we will find a mutual language.

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